Social Sim Bot Cheats

Do you play Social Sim? Here is a bot cheats that could help you play the game while you do other things. The application needs to be in the foreground so you can do anything with your computer. Looks like a mouse bot, but you can give it a try.

Source: Pwnthis

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Empires and Allies Secret Guide

empires and allies guide

You constantly run out of coins, just don’t seem to have enough Empire Cash, you’re always running low on energy and you just aren’t leveling fast enough! This strategy will allow you to level faster, have more coins, make more friends, and be smarter than 90% of all other Empires and Allies players out there.

This Empires and Allies Guide is not a cheat but a strategy guide that you will not get your account ban using this guide. В They even provide a 60days 100% money back guarantee! So you can try their product risk free with no questions ask.

Empires and Allies Guide

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Empires and Allies – new game by Zynga


Zynga will be releasing a new Facebook Game, Empires and Allies. It is their first full blown strategy game available in 12 languages. В So we will be looking forward to strategy, tips an cheats for the game. It allow you to invade your friends nation. Sounds cool

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Cityville Guide


This is quite similar to FrontierVille but have much success as lots of people are playing it already and I was also late to this game. But Zynga has become quite good at preventing these cheats now. The only valid cheat you could actually do is to have multiple facebook account and it is not easy to grow those account as Facebook are also stopping you from adding too many friends or the other party will report you as spam..

The Beginner Starting Cityville Guide
It would be best for your to follow the job mission which is at the left panel as it will advise on getting a good balance of Resident and Business. But you will always need to plan for enough Goods, which could be obtained via planting and harvesting from neighbors.

There is a difference, it would be important to get active friends as they would be able to help you to support you in getting energy, completing mission, getting plants to harvest, and so that your first 20 visits will get your extra gold, xp and energy. Not to forget they might even send you freebies each day.

So by going to the My Neighbors tab, you get all your friends and adding those that are especially high level so you know they are more likely to stay in the game.


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Honda Accord Car Town Skin


Quite a nice Honda Racing Car Town Skin, plain and simple with some great modification.

Honda Racing Car Town Skin

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Initial D – Fujiwara Car Town Skin Toyota AE86


A nice little skin that changes your Toyota AE86 to Initial D’s Fujiwara’s car.

Download Car Town Skin Here

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Car Town Cheat – To Get the Special Trucks


How do you possibly get all three truck. If your friend has a car town account and he has a Ice Cream Truck to offer, you.

Similarly with the same guide to get your Car Town Ice Cream Truck, you click on the exclamation mark.


Then you will see the same screen as well.


But this time you click the ‘X’, and your Truck will go missing. But don’t worry, reload your page and you will still see the exclamation mark and the truck again. But there is a chance you will get another truck.

Hope you enjoy our Car Town Cheats

* It is confirmed that you could not get your own Special Truck offer, so you will have to make a deal with others in order to get one. Unless you have two accounts….

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How to get Ice Cream Truck / Milk Truck / Taco Truck?


In car town there is three pretty special truck that you would like to collect. That is the 1997 Ice Cream Tuck, 1997 Milk Truck and 1997 Taco Truck. But how do you get the Ice Cream Truck, Milk Truck and Taco Truck?

You will have too look for your other friends status update. Or when you got the opportunity to get one, you will have to be quick enough to get your own special edition truck.

This is what it will look like this, and you click on the exclamation mark.


It will bring you to this post.


Click on post and you will get something like this on your status, click on save milk truck, you should go back to car town application.


Then you should get this truck.

I will show you some simple car town cheats to pick the truck you are looking for next time.

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Car Town Bug

It seems that the patch they did this morning does not actually allow your job to be expired. Give it a try and let us know what are you getting.

Currently I am using Google Chrome and the Service that we are doing simply does not expires when you forgot to come back and click. Usually it says that the customer has gone away without paying. Simply Superb.

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Car Town Guide & Strategy

car-townA New Game in Facebook, Car Town. It is a nice simple car game for those who likes car and modification. Cars are made to be a little cute looking but if you do some modification they still look great. I just started playing but there are no Car Town Cheats as I think that game is quite clear cut and jobs to earn money are fairly simple, which makes it hard to find any cheat.

Any how here is some guide for those starters:-

  • Increase your performance of your car at first. It is hard to challenge with a lower specs car.
  • Race anyone, since no record of losing is there, you might just beat a 900+ hp opponent because they simply did a foul start.
  • Get more XP by doing those short jobs
  • Need more money, you can actually delivers pizza, then drop by your friends garage to get 50 coins. So this is a daily thing that you can do better.

Also, here is some carbon fiber skin for those who want a Carbon Fiber Toyota Yaris Custom Design


How does it look? you can download the file here:-

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